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Credit by Demonstrated Mastery

Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) is the process by which LEAs shall, based upon a body-of-evidence, award a student credit in a particular course without requiring the student to complete classroom instruction for a certain amount of seat time. Click for more information.


The American Red Cross is looking for community-minded high school and college students who are interested in a leadership and scholarship opportunity.

Leaders Save Lives is a great program for students who are leaders at their schools, students who are looking for scholarships and students who want to build their resumes.

Here’s what students can gain from the Leaders Save Lives program:

  • Leadership experience with the American Red Cross
  • Accomplishment of helping save lives
  • A chance to win a scholarship
  • An opportunity to earn a gift card
  • Achievements for the High School Leadership Program

Encourage the students you know to check out the Leaders Save Lives program and sign up to host a blood drive during their winter break.


BRCC Student Success Center

Helping students achieve their education goals:

The BRCC Student Success Center is located in the Patton Building.