Students who do not have a high school first period class must sign in on an attendance Chromebook upon arriving on campus prior to their first class of the day. Attendance Chromebooks are located in Study Group Room 124 and each classroom. High school courses begin at 8:00 AM. Students must check BRCC’s WebAdvisor for their BRCC schedule. It is important that students are in attendance for all of their classes on a regular basis. Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments before or after school hours. On days when HCPS is closed, but BRCC is open, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation to BRCC for college classes.

Attendance is mandatory for ALL students for ALL assemblies and homeroom. Failure to attend mandatory meetings may result in a loss of privileges. More than two (2) absences per semester for homeroom will result in a grade of “F” and a loss of privileges. Academic Support  (AS) may be included.

Juniors, Seniors, and Super Seniors in good standing:

  • who drive themselves to school must sign in using an attendance Chromebook prior to their first class each day.
  • with BRCC courses and/or a mix of BRCC and HCEC courses that do not have a first period and/or a last period that coincide with HCEC’s high school schedule must complete a permission form indicating parent permission for late arrival and/or early dismissal.

HCEC Seniors and Super Seniors who are taking only college classes are expected to attend mandatory assemblies, homeroom, and be on campus during their scheduled BRCC class time and any additional time needed to study in the library.

HCEC students are only permitted to leave the BRCC campus with a parent or person(s) indicated on the Student Information Sheet. Once an HCEC student is on campus for their college course they may not leave campus in between classes. Students must remain on campus until their last class is finished for the day.

HCEC follows HCPS Attendance Policy. Visit Henderson County Public Schools for more information. Parents/guardians are expected to provide documentation for student absences which should be kept on file in the main office for reference if questions about the HCPS attendance policy arise.

Students who are not in class 85 days each semester will participate in attendance makeup sessions that require hour-for-hour make up time for each class missed. The makeup sessions will be arranged with their teachers before or after the regular student day or during a non-instructional period of time during the school day (ie, lunch).

Attendance expectations for BRCC courses require students to participate on a regular basis for at least 90% of the course hours. Any course where a student is dropped due to academic or attendance issues must be retaken unless extenuating circumstances have been approved. Students who are dropped from a class due to poor attendance, or who wish to withdraw after the BRCC deadline, will be expected to pay for the cost of the tuition and books.

Due to the complex nature of our student schedules, attendance in PowerSchool for BRCC classes, Computer Lab and Study Group may not be accurate. Please contact the office if needed.

Late Arrivals/Early Departures

There are times when students must arrive late or leave school early due to medical, dental, or other issues.
Parents who bring students to school after 8:00 AM should call in advance to let HCEC know the student will
be late and send a note for the reason. Upon arrival at school, the student must sign in at the reception office through the IdentAKid kiosk. If a student must be picked up before 2:30 PM, parents must come to the office to sign out the student using the IdentAKid kiosk. A note documenting either a late arrival or early departure must be on file in the main office for future reference in case questions about the HCPS attendance policy arise.


Students entering class late can be disruptive to the learning environment. Habitual or excessive tardiness can result in detention, in school suspension (ISS), out of school suspension (OSS) and convert to absences. Three (3) tardies equal one (1) absence.

It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to be on time to catch the Early College shuttle bus at their district school. If a student misses the Early College bus, it is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to get the student to school. Missing the Early College bus is not an excused tardy or absence.