HCEC Anti-Bullying Information

Bullying Affects Everyone

Bullying is the repeated use of power and aggression to deliberately inflict physical, emotional, and social abuse intending to harm and oppress a victim.

 … whether you’re a bully
Bullies come in all shapes and sizes. Bullying is a conscious, willful and deliberate hostile activity, intended to harm.

 … whether you’re a victim
The one thing that all kids who are bullied have in common is that a bully or a bunch of bullies has targeted them. Each one was singled out to be the object of scorn, and thus the recipient of bullying, merely because he or she was different in some way.

Provided by http://www.nobullying.ca/

 Henderson County Early College strives to foster a climate of respect and personal responsibility among students.  Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.   Anyone with knowledge of a situation involving bullying are encouraged to report the incident to school officials.


Submit a report at the Report It! Don’t Ignore It site.