Clubs and Service Project

One of the major functions of the Early College concept is to instill a strong sense and understanding that community service is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Clubs are established based on student interest and school needs. All students will participate in at least one club. Every student is expected to document at least 10 hours of service learning during the school year for every year in attendance at HCEC. Service learning can include organized programs and school-based projects such as peer tutoring or serving as teacher assistants. There will be school-based opportunities available to meet the service learning requirement.

Recognition celebrations will be defined and planned by school personnel and academic stakeholders. Honor Roll students will be recognized each semester. Grades in high school and college courses will be considered in determining the honor roll. Honor rolls will include students based on grades of all A’s, and A’s & B’s. An awards program at the end of the year will be planned to recognize student involvement and academic achievement.