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Driver’s Education and Transportation

Bus Riders

Students can ride their district school bus from their home to their district school. An HCEC shuttle bus will bring students from each district high school to HCEC.  Morning buses arrive in time for classes to begin promptly at 8:05 AM.

Car Riders

Parents/guardians may choose to drive students to campus. Morning supervision is provided from 7:45-8:05 AM. School begins promptly at 8:05 AM and is dismissed at 2:38 PM.  Afternoon supervision for car riders is available until 2:45 PM.

If student transportation is different from normal arrangements, parents are responsible for providing a note that explains the change. This information will be filed in the main office for future reference for attendance purposes.


Early College students participate in Driver’s Education at their base high schools. Please contact your base high school for further information. You may also visit Online Driver’s Education Course and Mountain Professionals Driving School for further information.

Driving to school is a privilege, not a right, and can be suspended at any time. Students who drive to school are not allowed to take other students off or around campus without the written permission of both the driver’s parents/guardian and the other student’s parents/guardian and the principal/designee permission. Student drivers are not allowed to leave campus for any reason during the school day between 8:05 AM and 2:38 PM.

Any student with a valid driver’s license is required to inform HCEC before parking on campus. HCEC will provide information on how to obtain the required parking decal from BRCC at that time. The student will then bring the decal to the Study Group Facilitator to record the information and then the student must place the decal on his/her vehicle.

Parking is provided in the parking lot behind the Innovative High Schools building.

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