PowerSchool Parent Information

The North Carolina Student Information System (SIS) is the official  Home Base application used statewide by the Public Schools of North  Carolina.  This web-based application is called PowerSchool.  It houses all aspects of student data  including demographics, grades, attendance, etc.   One of its many great features is the Parent  Portal module that gives parents and students access to grades and teacher  assignments via online.

Our data managers create PowerSchool accounts for parents and guardians using the email addresses provided to schools. If you’re unsure of your login information, or need to provide an email address to have a PowerSchool account created, contact your school’s data manager, Liz Prince. Check out how easy it is to access your student’s grades in these tutorial videos in English or Spanish.

What if I lose or forget my password?

If your password is lost or forgotten you can access the “having trouble signing in” link on the login page to have your information e-mailed to you. The login information that is e-mailed to you, must be used within 30 minutes of the request, or you will need to submit a new request from the link.