Dana School Songs

We have a tradition of beginning each day with a positive song to get it started on a good note.  We find it helpful in building a sense of community and a comfortable learning environment when we can start the day with a fun group song and dance. We adopted one song as our anthem as it embodies the Wildcat Spirit. Since 2019, 0ur anthem has been “Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan.

The Dana School anthem 2019-present is “Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan.

The 2018-2019 Dana School Song is “I Can Learn” by Music K-8  (Adapted for the 7 Habits).

The 2017-2018 Dana School Song is “Forever Learning” by Music K-8

The 2016-2017 Dana School Song was “Feelin’ Good!” by Teresa Jennings

The 2014-2015  and 2015-2016 Dana School Song was “Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan

The 2013-2014 Dana School Song was “Agents of Change” by  Teresa Jennings

The 2012-2013 Dana School Song was “Make A Difference” by Teresa Jennings

The 2011-2012 Dana School Song was “Feelin’ Good!” by Teresa Jennings