Dana School Songs

We have a tradition of beginning each day with a positive song to get it started on a good note.  We find it helpful in building a sense of community and a comfortable learning environment when we can start the day with a fun group song and dance.

Our  2018-2019 Dana School Song is “I Can Learn” by Music K-8  (Adapted for the 7 Habits).

The 2017-2018 Dana School Song is “Forever Learning” by Music K-8

The 2016-2017 Dana School Song was “Feelin’ Good!” by Teresa Jennings

The 2014-2015  and 2015-2016 Dana School Song was “Wavin’ Flag” by K’Naan

The 2013-2014 Dana School Song was “Agents of Change” by  Teresa Jennings

The 2012-2013 Dana School Song was “Make A Difference” by Teresa Jennings

The 2011-2012 Dana School Song was “Feelin’ Good!” by Teresa Jennings