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2020-2021 School Supply Lists

*Please note that this list has been modified to accommodate for all the potential learning scenarios that may take place this school year. Additional supplies may be requested as the year begins and continues.  ** denotes items needed for Plan C use


**1 pair of headphones labeled with your child’s name
**4-8 Elmer’s school glue sticks
**½ inch 3 ring binder with clear outer front pocket
**1 pack of clear page protectors (for 3 ring binder)
**1 two pocket folder (any kind or color/fun ones)
**2 (3 hole) pencil pouches (any durable material)
**2 marbled composition notebooks (wide ruled)
**1 pack of black dry erase fine-tip markers
**1 box of colored pencils
**1 box of large crayola washable markers
**Scissors (blunt tip Fiskars are best)
1 box of sandwich sized baggies
1 child size water bottle (easy open and labeled)

First Grade

**1 24-pack of pencils (Ticonderoga preferred)
**Headphones (no earbuds please)
**1 Pencil Pouch (no boxes please) any durable material
**1 4-pack of glue sticks
**1 box of crayons
**A pair of scissors
**3 primary journals (composition notebooks that have pages consisting of dotted writing lines with blank drawing spaces at top)
**3 big erasers (not tip erasers)
**1 pack of black Expo markers, fine point
**1 two-pocket folder
1 box of tissues
1 gallon size box of baggies (no slider tops please)

Second Grade

**1 Zippered Pencil Pouch (no boxes please)
**1 pair of headphones
**1 24-pack of pencils (taconderoga preferred)
**1 24-pack crayons (Crayola recommended)
**1 pack of colored pencils
**2 YELLOW highlighters
**1 pair of scissors (Fiskars recommended)
**1 pack of pink erasers (NOT tip erasers)
**1 pack of 8 glue sticks
**4 composition notebooks (WIDE RULED)
**2 PRIMARY composition notebooks
**1 two pocket folder
**1 4-pack of EXPO dry erase markers

Third Grade

2 White 1 ½ inch Clearview Binders
1 binder pocket folder with a Velcro closure
**1 package post-it filing tabs
**3 spiral composition notebooks
**1 dozen pencils – no mechanical please
**1 three hole punched zippered pencil case
**1 pair of headphones
**1 standard pencil box
**1 package of coloring pencils
**1 small hand held pencil sharpener – with cover
**1 pack of red pens
**1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper

Fourth Grade

**Glue sticks (1 package of 4 sticks)
**2 Composition notebooks (100 pages – wide ruled)
**#2 pencils-Ticonderoga- Please make sure you have a sharpener at home.
**1 pack of pink erasers
**Twistable crayons or colored pencils
**1 pair of scissors
** 1 package of notebook paper – wide ruled
** 1- 4 pack of EXPO dry erase markers
**1 pair of headphones
Binder (Trapper Keeper style) no larger than 2 inches wide.
1 pocket folder- plastic with 3 holes to put in binder
Pencil pouch with 3 holes to clip in binder
1 pack of highlighters (light colors)
1 box of tissues

Fifth Grade

**Pencil pouch of box that will hold all your supplies
**I Composition Book (Marble covered for Science)
**1 3-subject or 5-subject spiral bound notebook for Math
**Pencils (mechanical pencils are fine)
**Pencil sharpener
**Headphones (Use your set from 4th grade)
**Adult scissors
**Pack of coloring pencils
**Glue sticks (These will need to be replenished throughout the school year)
Dry erase marker

Mrs. Warren

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Ammacher

Mrs. Elliott

Music & Art (Mr. Dunkin)

P.E. (Coach Lindsey)

STEM (Mrs. Newman)

AIG (Mrs. Summey)