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Edneyville History

Edneyville is known as the heart of North Carolina’s apple country and was one of the earliest communities settled in today’s Henderson County. The first school in Edneyville was established by one of Rev. Samuel Edney’s sons in 1810. This makes Edneyville one of the oldest schools in Henderson County. The first accredited graduating class, which consisted of four students, completed the required 11 years of school and graduated on April 3, 1927. The Henderson County educational system continued to strive for improvements in education and changed the required 11 year graduation to 12 in 1946.

In 1921, 53 schools represented the 53 districts in Henderson County. These schools were one room school-houses. The existence of so many schools was due to road conditions and the unavailability of buses. In 1953 Henderson County consolidated and went from 53 school districts down to 7. This was due to growth in the county and expansion of the road system. Travel became more accessible for many families and more funding was made available for buses.

The “Old Brown Building” served as Edneyville’s center for education for students and faculty until 1926, when it was replaced with a new up-to-date brick building across the road on 64 East. The needs of students at Edneyville were ever changing and this growth necessitated a new school addition of a two-story brick building in 1951, which continued to serve students all the way up until its closing in the spring of 1993. Due to the age of the brick building, it became necessary to construct a newer building in 1970. The location of this site for primary students was chosen to be on Pace Road, two miles west of the high school building. This is still the current location of Edneyville Elementary School.

At the time of its closing in 1993, many of Edneyville High School’s 38 teachers moved to North Henderson High School and Apple Valley Middle School and continued on with the strong tradition of the small, close knit school that still to this day holds a special place in their hearts. Although the site of the former Edneyville High School is now home to the NC Justice Academy’s West Campus,  Edneyville Elementary continues to carry on the Yellowjacket legacy!

Looking to the future…

Construction has began on our NEW SCHOOL! This 57,000 square foot facility is set to open for the 2019-20 school year.

Construction of new Edneyville Elementary


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