Welcome to The Bulldog Mechatronics Academy!


What is Mechatronics?

“Mechatronics” comes from combining the words mechanical and electronics, although it also involves computer engineering. Mechatronics integrates principles from four engineering disciplines: electrical, mechanical, computer, and industrial. Thus, students will learn about robots, machines, electronics, hydraulics & pneumatics, electrical motor controls, sensors, computer-aided design (CAD), programming, programmable logic controls (PLC), diagnostics, computer numeric control (CNC), and other topics that together form the basis of “smart” devices used in robotics and advanced automated systems. This important knowledge is needed not only by highly skilled technicians who help install, program, trouble-shoot and fix problems, but also by engineers who plan, design, develop, or otherwise work with complex mechatronic systems.

Why take Mechatronics?

Do you like to take things apart and figure out how they work? Do you like to build and fix things? Do you like to work with and program computers and other technology? Then the Mechatronics program here at The Career Academy is for you! Not only do you get to do all of the above, but you’ll be able to land an entry-level job wherever there is automation. Those kinds of jobs include robot installation and maintenance, automation equipment installation, troubleshooting and maintenance and PLC programming.  You’ll know how to install, maintain and repair the mechanical, controls, fluid power systems, electrical and electronic equipment found in a bunch of different of fields if you continue your education at Blue Ridge Community College.