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The Career Academy Culinary Program

“The culinary academy is fun, but serious about cooking and the restaurant industry.” -Jasmine A.

“I am so glad I decided to take foods!  This pathway has not only taught me to cook, but it has helped me decide on a career!” -Sara G.

Courses in this academy prepare students for a career in the Food Service or Hospitality Industry.  Courses offered are:  Foods 1 & 2 and ProStart 1 & 2.  Maybe you don’t want to be a chef, that’s ok!  There are many other careers in this field.  Including, but not limited to:

    • Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Banquet Chef, Pastry Chef, or Food Research Chef
    • Kitchen Manager
    • Line Cook
    • Baker
    • Garde Manager
    • Food and Beverage Purchase Agent
    • Equipment Purveyor
    • Consultant
    • Food Stylist
    • Food Writer
    • Food Scientist
    • Event Planner
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Additional careers in the hotel industry

Promising opportunities for employment…

  • The restaurant industry employs an estimated 12.8 million people, making it the nation’s largest employer outside of government.
  • The restaurant industry is expected to add 2 million jobs over the next decade, for total employment of 14.8 million by the year 2017.

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