BEC Firefighter Academy

Welcome to The Fire Fighter Academy

The Fire Fighter Academy is open to students from all Henderson County High Schools. The Academy offers four separate courses in the first two semesters. Public Safety I, and Firefighter Technology I are the first courses offered to students. Firefighter Technology II and III are offered to students who complete the first semester courses successfully.

The courses are delivered through a combination of agencies including the Henderson County Public Schools, the N.C. Office of State Fire Marshal, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, and local fire departments. The firefighter courses offer state certifications through the Office of State Fire Marshal for the following courses:

Fire Fighter Technology I:

Fire Department Orientation

Health and Wellness

Fire Behavior

Personal Protective Equipment

Fire Hose, Streams & Appliances

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Foam Fire Streams

Emergency Medical Care

Fire Fighter Technology II:

Building Construction


Alarms & Communications

Forcible Entry



Loss Control

Fire Fighter Technology III:

Water Supplies


Fire & Life Prep



Safety & Survival

These courses make up over 90% of the requirements to become certified as a N.C. Firefighter II.
The Fire Fighter Academy is taught by Chief Ted Barnett, who has over 23 years in the fire service. Our sponsoring departments include Mountain Home Fire and Rescue, Valley Hill Fire and Rescue, and the City of Hendersonville Fire Department. Through these and numerous other agencies, the Fire Fighter Academy is able to offer real-world training and education in the emergency services career field. As with all CTE, Career and Technical Education courses, the Fire Fighter Academy will help prospective students become job ready, while still in high school.

College Opportunity:

Students who complete the Fire Fighter Academy may also qualify to enroll in college level fire fighter courses through Blue Ridge Community College. These courses count toward a degree in fire protection technology. The courses are offered for free to those who qualify.
Students should contact their guidance counselors if they are interested. They may contact The Career Academy at (828) 697-4629, or by e-mail.