Collage of students working on projects and in the center a skeleton wearing a green polo shirt and sunglasses

Welcome to Our Art Academy

Dare to be Creative!
Dare to be Different!

What can I expect in the Art Academy?

The art academy consists of Beginning, Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced level art classes. We strive to provide a creative learning environment based on student interest and needs.  The courses are designed to give students the tools to understand and create art. Starting with Beginning Art, students study and learn how to apply the Elements and Principles of Design . Students will experiment with different materials and techniques at the Intermediate Level. Proficient and Advanced  students focus on creative, independent projects using a variety of techniques and materials.

Students will work with:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Ceramics
  • Mixed media art
  • Digital art

Students have the opportunity to participate in community projects, art shows and contests throughout the school year. The Art Academy strives to recognize the individual style and unique skills  of each student and build on those strengths.