Driver’s Education Information

Parent/Student Guide to the NC Graduated Driver’s & License Laws and Driver Education

A child must be fourteen years and 6 months of age in order to take a certified driver education course.

Due to the nature of the Graduated Licensing Law, it is strongly recommended they schedule their class prior to the fifteenth birthday.

North Carolina law requires all students to have thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction. The law further requires six (6) hours of driving instruction and six (6) hours of observation in the vehicle with another student.

Students may be driven during their scheduled Physical Education Class, after school, on Saturdays or holidays. The instructors will advise your child about their individual schedule at the appropriate time. Classes are scheduled at the discretion of the individual schedule at the appropriate time. They may be held before or after school. The summer schedule allows classes to be held up to four hours per day.

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After Driver’s Education

After completing the Course, you may obtain a Driver Education Certificate from your driver education instructor.

Take your Driver Education certificate to Ms. Smith in Guidance. She will issue you a Driving Eligibility Certificate IF you have passed at least three out of your last four classes.

What You Must Take to the DMV

Your Driver Education Certificate
Your Driving Eligibility Certificate
A Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate.
Your Social Security Card
A parent or guardian.

Insurance Information

As long your child is driving as a Level One Driver, the family Vehicle Insurance Premiums will not increase. However, you will need to obtain a DL-123 Form from your insurance company and take this form with you to the DMV.


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