What is PBIS?

Our school has established a positive academic and behavioral environment that is beneficial for everyone through a program called PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support). This program focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. The program includes the
development and teaching of specific behavioral expectations for our students. These specific expectations have really allowed our Cubs to stand out from the rest. These behaviors will be positively reinforced throughout the school for the remainder of your child’s career here at Clear Creek.

What is PBIS at our school?

To implement the program, the PBIS team created a unified set of expectations for each setting in our school. These expectations are displayed in matrix form (see the CCS Behavior Matrix on the opposite page) up and down our hallways, in the cafeteria, in each classroom, and other areas of the school. Our “Pawsitive Expectations” are:

Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be a Cub With Character!

What does PBIS look like at our school?

Students are introduced to the program on the first day of school. Students will participate in lessons throughout the year that teach and review expectations, and will participate in role-model situations to help remind them of appropriate behaviors. PBIS is based on the premise that students learn appropriate behaviors through instruction, practice, feedback, and encouragement.

Paw Pride through PBIS

To reinforce “pawsitive” behavior in our students, teachers and staff will hand out tickets to students who are following our school expectations. At the end of each quarter, students will be able to spend their tickets at “Cubbie’s Kiosk of Character”.

Your child may also come home with a “Paw Slip”! This means that your child was seen and complimented for being a Cub with Character and by going above and beyond our school expectations. Every Friday afternoon, several “Paw Slips” are drawn and those children receive a bag of goodies! Students that are awarded a “Paw Slip” are additionally awarded 10 tickets.

Being a Cub with Character is also a team effort. Each class is working together to build a puzzle of our mascot, Cubbie! Cubbie has been separated into pieces, one for each class. When a staff member sees an entire class following school expectations, they earn a paw to put around their classroom door. If they earn 30 paws in nine weeks, they get to place their piece of Cubbie up onto the wall.  If everyone does their part, and Cubbie is completed, we celebrate together as a whole school!

Cub Consequences

When a student chooses not to follow school expectations, their teacher will record the student’s behavior, strategies for reteaching the expectations, as well as the classroom consequence the student received.

“Paws”itive Parents!

What can “paws”itive parents do? There are many ways that parents can help Clear Creek Elementary’s PBIS program:

  • Ask your child to recite the Paw Pledge.
  • Ask your child to perform the school cheer.
  • Ask your child what it means to be a Cub with Character in the hall, bathroom, cafeteria, etc.
  • Ask your child each day how he or she was a Cub with Character.


Feel free to ask your child’s teacher any questions regarding the PBIS program at Clear Creek Elementary. In addition, please visit the following websites that may give you additional information about PBIS:

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