Art Club

Sponsor: Ms. Kelly King

Meetings: Tuesdays after school in Art room (Y-13)

Explore and enrich your artwork!


Chainmaille Club

Sponsor: Mr. Chapman

Meetings: Announced

See how many links you can put together!


Climbing Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Lampros

Meetings: Announced

If you love climbing, specifically rocks, come climb with us. It will rock your world.



An Association of Marketing Students

Sponsor: Mrs. Garrett

Meetings: X19 Wednesday mornings

Cost: $20. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management.



Future Business Leaders of America

Sponsor: Mrs. Green

Meetings: Announced

Cost: $20

To foster leadership, academics and community awareness as students work toward becoming future business professionals.



Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Mr. and Mrs. Bryson

Meetings: Thursday 7:20 am in the Media Center.

Allows students to network with other Christians. Each week we meet for student led music and devotions. Participation in charity functions.



Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America

Sponsor: Ms. Willis

Meetings: X-5.

Cost: $20/ year

No classes are required to be taken. Offers members the opportunity to participate in monthly community service initiatives, charity fundraisers, and fun bonding activities with other club members. Motto: Be a nice human!



Future Farmers of America

Sponsor: Mr. Livingston

Meetings: the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month during the 1st half of 2nd period in room X-6.

Cost: $12.

Helps develop leadership, teamwork, and financial responsibility while promoting agriculture. Members are involved in state FFA activities and participate in Mountain State Fair.

Games and Strategy Club

Sponsor: Mr. Horton and Mr. Chapman

Meetings: Fridays after school

Playing games of all sorts. Promoting decorum and sportsmanship in a competitive gaming atmosphere.



Health Occupation Students of America

Sponsor: Mrs. Stepp

Meetings: announced

Cost: $20.

Must currently be enrolled/registered to take class within current year or have previously passed a Health Occupations class at West. For students who are interested in a future career as a health care professional. The club focus is to provide health related leadership and service to the school and community.


Key Club

Sponsors: Ms. Edwards

Meetings: every other Wednesday in Ms. Edward’s

Key Club is an international student-led organization that provides it’s members with opportunities to change the world through acts of service.  Key club members are the leaders of tomorrow.


Sheepdog Club

Sponsors: Deputy Jacobsen, Mrs. Braznell and Mrs. Baker

Meetings: Tuesday mornings in Media Center at 7:20am

The WHHS Sheepdog Club is for those that want to reduce bullying in the school as well as help out members of our community including law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, and military. For more information please see the CLUB SITE.


Skills USA

Sponsor: Mr. Deese and Ms. Maddox

Meetings: Wednesday mornings

Cost: $25

Must be enrolled in carpentry, drafting or masonry course.


Sponsor: Ms. Toler and Mr. & Mrs. Zalevskiy

Meetings: Mondays at 3:05 in Y-1

For students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, (Astronomy, Art—Anything), and Math.


Student Government Association (S.G.A.)

Sponsor: Mrs. Dana Braznell

Meetings: Every other Friday in Y-5 (Mrs. Braznell’s room)

For students interested in leadership opportunities, volunteering and building school community and spirit.