New Student Enrollment

Getting Started

A parent or guardian must be present when enrolling.  Students will be enrolled between 8am and 2pm.  When you enter the main office, you will be directed to the School Counseling Office where you will complete necessary paperwork and provide appropriate documentation and identification.

What To Bring

The following documents are required when enrolling.   All official records will be requested from previous school upon eligibility to enroll, however, not having these items readily available may result in a delay in being scheduled or starting classes while we contact the previous school or wait for the parent or guardian to produce documents.

  • Parent of Guardian Identification:  Identification required from the parent or guardian enrolling the student.
  • Proof of Residence: This must be a utility bill and/or mortgage or lease agreement or official mail. Also, you may use a drivers license with the correct address.
  • Proof of Guardianship:  If a student does not reside with their natural or adoptive parent(s), legal guardianship approval through the court system is required.
  • Proof of Immunization:  North Carolina law requires all students provide immunization information.  Students from out of state will have 30 days to comply.
  • Official Withdrawal Documentation:  Documentation of proper withdrawal from the previous school including most recent grades must be provided.  Transcript of Credits:  A record of all credits previously earned must be provided to ensure proper placement for graduation.  The transcript provided at enrollment may be unofficial and we will request the previous school send all official records.
  • Student’s Social Security Card
  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Special Service Records (if applicable):  Students receiving special services as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan are asked to bring the most current copy of their documentation.  Special services and accommodations may not be provided until records are received and reviewed by the School Psychologist (for IEPs) or Administrator (for Section 504 Plans).  A transfer meeting will be scheduled to ensure proper placement and accommodations.

What To Expect

Once enrolled, an administrator and/or school counselor will review your transcript and current grades to develop a schedule of courses.  Our goal is for you to graduate high school within four years of when you entered 9th grade.  If you are behind in credits, we will encourage additional learning opportunities to help you graduate on time.

I’m a New Bearcat…..Now What??

All new Bearcats are invited to the Bearcat Bridge which is usually held two different days around the first week of August. You will only need to attend one of these days.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to enhance their high school experience.  This is one of the best ways for new students to meet others who share common interests.  We offer a wide array of clubs, athletics, and opportunities in leadership and fine arts.  Let us help you find where you fit in.

For more information on Student Enrollment, visit the HCPS District Enrollment Information page.