Google Apps

Our school now has Google Apps!  And what is this?  Google Apps is a set of online tools, provided free for educational institutions by Google, for communication, collaboration, time-management, and document storage. This fall, all students in grades K-12 will be supplied their own Google Apps accounts. Students will use these tools with the support of their teachers and School Library Media Specialists to support and develop their learning.

Below is a link to more information on Google Apps.  All K – 5th graders will have access to their Google Apps account unless their parent has signed the opt out form.  Please read this information so you are informed about all the wonderful new opportunities for your child’s learning.

What’s included in Google Apps?

  • Filtered email for students (Gmail)

  • Google Calendar for events and assignments

  • Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) for file storage, creation and collaboration

What are the benefits of Google Apps and what’s included?

  • Anytime, anywhere access in any browser on any device with an internet connection

  • Document storage – so no need for flash drives!

  • Students can easily collaborate with other students

  • Teachers can more easily share content with students

  • Opens up the possibility of digital homework submissions

  • Ability to use Chromebook devices

  • Google Apps accounts are free – no need to purchase Microsoft Office productivity software

Link to more information

Link to opt out form