Code of Conduct and School Compact

Henderson County Public Schools’ Expectations

View the Henderson County Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct. (available in English and Spanish)

Fletcher Elementary School’s Expectations

All Fletcher Elementary students show respect for themselves, others, property, and learning each day.

Parent/Student/Teacher Compact

Parent Agreement:

As a parent, I pledge to talk with my child about his/her school day, encourage good study habits, and help foster a love of reading.  I will support the Leader in Me habits and encourage positive relationships with the school and community.  Most importantly, I will get my child to school everyday, feeling loved and supported; which will make them ready for success!

Student Agreement:

As a Fletcher Fox, I am wildly important.  I pledge to be a good citizen, treat others with respect and always do my best. I will lead, learn, and grow while following the 7 habits which will help me be successful. I will be responsible, follow directions and know that I am in a safe environment where I am cared about.

Teacher Agreement:

As a teacher, I pledge to make students feel important! I want them to feel cared about, where their voice matters in a safe and positive environment. I will provide motivating and educational experiences in my classroom that foster a love of learning.  I will work with families, our community and all other stakeholders  to ensure the success of every child entrusted to my care.  As a Leader in Me school, I will uphold the 7 habits and support the mission of our school.