Calling All Cubcat STEM Investigators! (and Save the Date!)

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Calling all Cubcat STEM Investigators!

We have a mystery to solve and need your help! You will need to gather clues, make inferences, draw conclusions and use all your problem solving skills to help us.  As part of this you will need some detective tools or gadgets.

Your challenge is to create a gadget or tool that will help you gather clues or keep secrets. There are lots of possibilities for this challenge.  Do you need to change your look? See around corners or behind you? Hear through walls? Send a secret message?

Go to Mrs. Newman’s Engineering Challenge Webpage for some helpful links. Bring your gadget to school on Thursday, January, 17th at 5:30 to test your detective skills and help us solve a mystery.  We   can’t wait to see what you create!

****SAVE THE DATE for our STEM Night on Thursday, January 17th – 5:30 – 7:00!*****

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