About Us

Our School Vision

Our school recognizes the unique abilities, talents, backgrounds, cultures, and needs of each individual, be that individual child or adult, student, teacher, or staff member.  At Etowah, we envision a school that provides a safe, orderly environment and the optimal conditions for each individual to explore and develop his/her abilities and talents to the fullest.  The vision is fulfilled by embracing diversity, providing instruction which addresses all learning styles, and encouraging parent involvement.

Etowah is an environment that provides opportunities for staff and faculty to grow and develop talents through staff development, community involvement, and social outings so that they cultivate their own interests and abilities, thus providing a model for our students to do the same.

The end result is that we want our students to become happy, well-adjusted, self-sufficient, self-disciplined, productive members of our society.  In a world in which we see so much destruction, our vision for our school is to produce a body of caring, responsible, competent “builders”.