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Welcome to Hendersonville High School.  We are a School of Excellence and are proud of our staff and students. US News and World Report ranked HHS as the 4th Best High School in North Carolina!

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Hendersonville High School is a unique public school, with a deep, rich history, drenched in tradition. Currently, there are fourth generation students walking the same halls their great-grandparents did many years ago. There is a special and indefinable family quality to Hendersonville High School. Whether a result of the traditions, leadership, size, structure of the building, or location, there is something undeniably amazing about Hendersonville High School.

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If These Walls Could Sing

For nearly 100 years, the Hendersonville High School Auditorium has stood as an educational,  cultural and community icon.  It has hosted countless performances, nurtured tens of thousands of students, and fostered traditions that run generations deep.  Perhaps the most cherished tradition is the Hendersonville High School Senior Play.  Featuring the graduating class, these theatrical productions have become a hallmark of the school.

As Henderson County breaks ground on a new school site, it is time to celebrate this beloved tradition and this beloved building.

If These Walls Could Sing: A Senior Play Homecoming is a benefit performance featuring stars from senior plays past.  A curated event, this performance will feature fifteen musical acts including powerful ballads, charming duets, and full production numbers. Come to remember.  Come to laugh with your friends.  Come to see what community looks like.  Song and dance.  Celebration and support.  This promises to be an emotional evening.

Featured performances include songs from South Pacific, Grease, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Beauty and the Beast, and many more.

Tickets will be available through the front office of Hendersonville HIgh School (828-697-4802) starting January 2nd.  They will be $5.  Seating is limited, so act fast!  All the proceeds will go toward scholarships for HHS students.  Come to HHS at 7pm on Saturday, February 18 to reminisce.