Message from Mr. Moore 9-30-2020

Rugby words from the principal
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Good Afternoon, Rugby families!

We successfully made it through the first days with our A and B groups, and it was a beautiful sight to see students in our building learning and interacting with one another.  Students are doing an incredible job of following the safety measures in place and honoring social distancing appropriately.  I wanted to touch on a few things as we head toward the end of our first week back face to face.

First, since we are unable to use our water fountains currently, please make sure your student comes to school with a water bottle each day.  Next, students should be bringing a charged Chromebook to school each day.  Please help your student get in the habit of charging the device at night and having it ready to go in the morning.  While students may bring their privately owned devices, we strongly prefer the school owned Chromebooks, as we have tech support in place for those machines.  Regarding our Wednesday schedule, please remind students that the schedule for our Wednesday is exactly as it has been for the beginning of the year.  This means that on Wednesdays only, students will attend two, twenty minute exploratory classes in the morning.  This differs slightly from our face to face day schedule, so it might be confusing to our students.  Please help them to remember this.

Finally, if your student rides a bus, I ask for your continued patience as our ridership fluctuates while families are figuring out routines as we reenter school.  This means that pickup and drop off times could fluctuate for the first few weeks.  We appreciate your continued understanding and patience during this time.

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