About Us

Hendersonville Middle School has earned “School of Distinction” status since the inception of the NC “ABC” Accountability Program for nine out of ten years. HMS consists of approximately 500 students, 41 teachers, 28 support staff, and dozens of parent and community volunteers.


All students take a series of core classes consisting of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Students also participate daily in Physical Education and Exploratory Classes. Students may select to participate in Band, Strings, Chorus, or Encore (enrichment and/or remedial activities).

As part of the Exploratory Classes, students receive computer skills training. AIG Classes and Exceptional Children’s Programs are provided for qualified students. A counselor is available to provide individual counseling, classroom guidance, and support for teachers and parents. HMS promotes a “Bully-Free” school.

Bully-Free School

We promote a Bully-Free school, which includes monthly classroom lessons.

We pledge to provide a safe, secure, inviting atmosphere.

Help make our school “Bully-Free”

  1. Learn what “bullying” is.
  2. Learn what to say and do when someone is “bullying” you.
  3. Learn what to say and do when someone is being aggressive and threatening to you.
  4. Learn how to be an active bystander when others are “bullying” or being “bullied”.
  5. Don’t be a “guilty” bystander.
  6. Learn when to help solve a problem and when to get help to solve a problem.

Remember our #1 Rule:

When you have a problem, get to the closest adult.

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