Message from Mr. Moore – Week of 9/08-11/2020

Rugby words from the principal

Greetings, Rugby Families!

We hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! We appreciate your responsiveness last week as we tried to get preliminary information about your thoughts about sending your students to school in the coming month.

This afternoon, the HCPS Board of Education will meet to discuss the possibility of returning to face-to face schooling with our students. To learn more about this meeting and to watch if you wish, please go to: .

As students have become more comfortable with the remote mode of learning, we could use your support in making some minor adjustments that will improve student learning. First, help your student be sure that he/she is set up in a successful learning environment- this might include a well-lit table or desk for working and should avoid working from bed. Next, if you can encourage your student to be “on-camera”, he/she will likely be more engaged with the class. Last, please help your student to get in the habit of checking email daily, as this is a primary means of teacher-student communication. Schools and families working together on these items will increase student learning, a goal that we all have.

Next Wednesday, September 16, is the middle of our first grading period. Your student’s midterm Progress Report will be viewable on that date and will provide you with an update on how he/she is performing in classes. Please let us know if you need assistance in accessing this progress report.

I want to make families aware of a unique opportunity for your students. Mr. Barker, Health/PE teacher and Head baseball coach at RMS, has started a Sports and Leadership Club that focuses on the leadership lessons embedded in athletics. Students need not be a member of a Rugby sports team to participate, but a host of guest speakers- Heath Shuler, former NFL QB; Manteo Mitchell, former US Olympic Silver Medal winner- will address the lessons that sports have taught them. For information about when and how these sessions will occur, please contact Kyle Barker via email or call the school 828-891-6566.

We hope you have a great week and please let us know if you have any questions.

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