Message from Mr. Moore

Rugby words from the principal

Good Afternoon, Rugby families.

This is Scott Moore, principal at Rugby Middle School.

As we near the end of the strangest school year in memory, we have some information to help you in plan over the next two weeks.  Each grade level will be asked to come to Rugby on a specific day, and Rugby staff will serve you curbside to bring you yearbooks (if ordered), Year End Academic Feedback forms, any earned certificates or awards, and any items left in your student’s locker.  A member of the Rugby staff will bring these items to you in the car rider line.  Due to ongoing construction at Rugby, students and families will need to remain in their cars and will not be able to access the building during this time.

It will be important for you to attempt to come on the day assigned for your student’s grade level, which are as follows:
6th Grade- Tuesday, June 2 (from 7:45 am-3:45 pm)
7th Grade- Wednesday, June 3 (from 7:45 am-3:45 pm)
8th Grade-  Thursday, June 4 (Drive Thru Celebration between 11 am and 2 pm)

Year End “Report Cards”: Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and the resulting school closure, your students will not receive the traditional Report Card you are accustomed to getting at the end of a school year.  Instead, all students will receive a 2019-20 End of Year Summative Feedback form.  This form will be included in the items we send home when students come on the assigned day, as mentioned above.

Year End Awards : While Covid has taken our ability to gather to celebrate, the achievements of our students are important and worthy of celebration.  To that end, we are going to have three separate awards presentations- a 6th grade Ceremony, 7th grade ceremony and a Whole School/8th Grade ceremony.  These presentations will obviously be online, but we hope that you will join us to view and celebrate the amazing achievements of our students.  The 6th and 7th Ceremonies will be available on Wednesday, 6/3.  The Whole School/8th Grade ceremony will be shared on Thursday, 6/4.

You can expect another message in the very near future that will be targeted to your student’s grade level and will contain more specific information and reminders.  If we have your email address on file in PowerSchool, you will also receive these messages via email.

If you have questions or need clarification, please call the school between 7:45-3:45, Monday thru Friday.


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