Attendance Makeup

Students must arrive at W101 by 3:05 to be admitted and stay until 4:00

Students must have a Chromebook or something from their teacher to work on

Anyone being disruptive or sleeping will be asked to leave and will not be given credit for the day

October November December January
10/25 11/1 12/1 1/5
10/27 11/3 12/6 1/10
11/8 12/8 1/12
11/10 12/13
11/15 12/15


Saturday Schools

There will be a charge of $5 per hour that will need to be turned in, along with a Saturday school form, at the counseling office before 3:30 on Thursday before the date you plan to attend.

No one will be admitted after 8:10 am

You can recover up to 5 absences per Saturday

Bring a Chromebook or something to work on!

You need to be picked up by 12:15 pm



November 5 November 19 December 3