Marlow Monday Message, April 19th, 2021

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Good evening Glenn Marlow parents and students!! The countdown continues… 6 weeks left in the school year and counting! Looks like we may get another blast of cold air this week, so please be sure your kiddos are dressed appropriately for the school day. Don’t forget to have them check the Lost and Found if you are unable to find those jackets! Hang in there. We owe it to ourselves and to each other to see this year all the way through and finish #MarlowStrong!

Here is this week’s Marlow Monday Message:

  • We will be having an in-person Spring Scholastic Book Fair, May 3rd – May 7th! Current restrictions will only allow students to visit the book fair during their Specials time in the school day that week, so please be sure that you know what day your child has Media Center/Library for Specials so you can prepare them to shop!
    • On Tuesday, May 4th, the Book Fair will be open until 5:00pm to allow our RLO students to come in and shop.
  • Here are some important facts to help inspire you to buy brain-building books at our Book Fair!
    • Based on a study by the US Department of Education, children who were read to at least three times a week by a family member were almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading compared to children who were read to less than 3 times a week.
    • According to the National Reading Campaign reading for as little as 6 minutes can reduce stress by as much as 60%!
    • “Children who read for just 20 minutes per day see 1.8 million words each year and have scores on standardized tests in the 90th percentile (because they have experienced so many words!). Compare this with the child who is reading for just 1 minute per day, they only see 8000 words each year and have scores in the 10th percentile on standardized tests.” (Nagy and Henry’s study for the Center for the Study of Reading)
  • This Thursday, April 22nd, 4th Quarter midterms will be distributed/made available to parents. KI-G2 parents will have their midterms sent home with students, and G3-5 parents will have it sent to their email using SwiftK12. G3-5 parents – you can also log into the Parent Portal to view your child’s midterm on Friday. If you would like a paper copy of your child’s midterm, please reach out to their teacher.
    • Use this last quarter midterm to celebrate your child’s successes, talk about areas of improvement, and encourage them to finish this school year #MarlowStrong!!
  • These last six weeks of school are lining up to be busy with spring activities, EOY Assessments, and end-of-year activities. Please see this calendar of events from now till the end of the year. It will be updated weekly as more details and events finalized:
    • Thursday, April 22nd – 4th Quarter Midterms Distributed / Made Available
    • Friday, April 23rd – G5 trip to Rugby Middle School
    • May 3rd – May 7th – Spring Scholastic Book Fair
    • Tuesday, May 4th – Book Fair open until 5pm for our RLO students
    • Friday, May 7th – Yearbook Distribution Day
    • Tuesday, May 11th – Field Day for G3-G5 (correction from last week)
    • Wednesday, May 12th – Field Day for KI-G2; Ms. King / Burnette’s Class (correction from last week)
    • May 17th – May 28th – G3, G4, G5 EOG Testing Window (Specific dates TBA when available)
    • Friday, May 28th – Last Day of School (noon dismissal for students).

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for all that you do.



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