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Active Directory

About Active Directory

Active Directory  is a network design which provides many added benefits for users and technical staff alike! Here are some of those benefits:

  • More security features with user logins and passwords to access programs and files
  • Users can login to any computer to bring up their files (Students can begin work on something in the lab, and then bring it up in the classroom to complete it!)
  • Teachers can access students’ files from any PC for ease in collection of work
  • All Staff can share files in a special secure area
  • Technicians can fix many problems remotely saving a trip to the school for faster work order turn around
  • Enjoy the benefits of a launcher providing instant access to software applications in one place

Active Directory provides a secure structure in which users can authenticate to provided resources on our network.  All HCPS sites have been transitioned to Active Directory.

Active Directory Resources

An Introduction to Active Directory for Staff

Excellent for use with younger students:
Active Directory Login Templates (3 per page)