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2020 – 2021 School Supply Lists

All students will need the following supplies for personal use:

Number 2 wooden pencils or mechanical pencils
Loose leaf notebook paper (exception 7th grade)
Red, blue and black pens
Colored pencils
Earbuds with a case or headphones
Glue sticks

6th Grade

Math: Two composition notebooks, scissors, pencil sharpener and one red pocket folder
Language Arts: One 1 inch binder, one composition notebook, five notebook dividers (with or without pockets), one yellow folder
Social Studies: One orange pocket folder
Science: One green pocket folder, one composition notebook

7th Grade

Math: One 5 subject spiral notebook with pockets (notebooks with vinyl covers sturdy enough to last all year)
Language Arts: Two composition notebooks
Social Studies: One composition notebook (Allman students need two)
Science: One 3 subject spiral notebook with pockets
Babcock: Two composition books, scissors
Tobias: scissors, hand held pencil sharpener

8th Grade

(Each teacher will have class-specific lists on the first day of school)
Two 3 ring binders
Subject dividers
Two composition books

6th – 7th – 8th Grade Student Fees Are Collected during Homeroom and PE the 1st Week of School for a traditional year. We will update this information to reflect the 2020-2021 year as it becomes necessary.

Fees Collected during Homeroom

Hall Locker Rental and Usage Fee $4.00

Agenda Book $6.00

Total Homeroom Fees $10.00

PE Fees collected during PE Only

(Please write a separate check for PE fees.)

PE Locker & Usage Fee $4.00

PE Uniform (Optional Purchase) $16.00
*Tee/Shorts can be bought separately $8.00 each