ACT® Date & Schedule Change March 8-12

Calendar graphic of March 8-12 showing the ACT date on March 9

The Plan B Hybrid learning schedule will be slightly different for middle and high school students the week of March 8-12, to accommodate the state-mandated ACT testing schedule and requirements.

The ACT® is a curriculum- and standards-based assessment that evaluates 11th-graders’ general learning outcomes in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Used as a college admissions and placement test, the ACT® is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States.

Although the ACT® is a high school test specific to 11th-graders, the middle school Plan B hybrid schedule must be adjusted along with the high school schedule, due to bus routes shared between middle and high schools, and the need to dedicate transportation on March 9 to juniors taking the ACT®.

The week of March 8-12 will begin like a normal Plan B Hybrid week, with middle and high school students in Group A attending school on campus Monday, March 8.

Tuesday, March 9 is an ACT® test date for high school juniors in North Carolina. Since students are required by state officials to take this test and the ACT® does not offer a remote administration option, all juniors in Group A and B will attend school on-campus on March 9. All other students in middle and high school will have a Remote Learning Day, instead of the usual district-wide day of remote learning on Wednesday.

The following day, March 10, will be a “B Day” for students in Group B to attend on-campus. March 12 is currently an Optional Teacher Workday and not a student day. However, in the case of inclement weather canceling school in the next few weeks, could become a student day and “B Day” for Group B students to attend on-campus.

Here’s what that looks like:

March 8: Group A on campus, Group B remote (like usual under Plan B)

March 9: All juniors on campus to take the ACT. Remote Learning Day for all other middle and high school students

March 10: Group B on campus, Group A remote

March 11: Group A on campus, Group B remote (like usual under Plan B)

March 12: Optional Teacher Workday, no school for students*

* if changed to a student day, Group B on campus, Group A remote (like usual under Plan B)

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