Technology Staff

Administrative Staff

Rick Fender, Chief Technology Officer

Regina Ruth, Administrative Assistant/ E-Rate Administrator

Amber McMillan, District Level Instructional Technology Facilitator

Angie McClung, District Level Instructional Technology Facilitator

Technical Staff

Dan Marcum, WAN Engineer

Grant Adkins, Programmer

Brenda Owens, Lead Technician, Work Order Manager, Software Approvals

Meghan Chavez, Google & Active Directory Administrator

Pamela McCall, Active Directory Administrator

Walt Corbin, Central Office and Administrative Technician, Elementary School Technician

Debra Moore, CTE Technician

Jason Alfrey, Elementary School Technician & Printer Support

Jarod Pace, Middle School, Child Nutrition & Childcare Technician

Matthew McMurray, High School, BAL and HCEC Technician, Co-Mac Technician

Nick Dana, Technician