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Lunch Prepay is a program that allows parents, teachers and guardians to make lunch payments on their child’s account using a credit card. There is a fee for this service. There is an annual $10 sign up fee and a 5% fee for each time the program is used. HCPS is not charging these fees and does not make money from these. These are fees used to pay the credit card companies and the online service fees.

School Nutrition

Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily in the school cafeteria at the price of $1.00 per breakfast and $2.30 per lunch. The “mega meal” (pizza slice, chicken sandwich, or hamburger) is available at the price of $2.75 per lunch.

Henderson County School Board Student Wellness Policy #419 states that in order to safe guard the health of Henderson County’s school age children and due to the dramatic increase in food allergies and food borne illnesses, the Board prohibits home produced items from being used as part of school based celebrations. Parents and community members may provide food items that are commercially prepared or packaged when the celebration is coordinated by the school or classroom teacher. Henderson County Board of Public Education will not be held liable for any foods not prepared and served by Henderson County Child Nutrition or Child Care Programs.

Federal Lunch Program

Applications for free and reduced breakfast and lunch may be obtained any time during the year from the office. Students must have a parent or guardian complete the application and return it to the main office.

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