BYOD Expectations

Important Clarifications Concerning all Electronic Devices:

  • A device is defined as having the ability to complete school assignments. (No gaming devices, such as Nintendo DS, etc.)
  • These expectations apply to headphones and earbuds as well.
  • Classroom staff has the ultimate control of when and  what type of electronic devices students may bring to and use in the  classroom.
  • Each team will develop and communicate with students and parents Team BYOD Procedures to address when and how devices will be used in the classroom.

The RMS Guidelines for Behaviors and Interventions lists violations of cell phone and/or device guidelines as a Level II Behavior, which will be handled using the school-wide intervention process.


Requires Permission


  •  Outside of building after school dismissal
  • Athletic Events
  •  All locations inside the building
  • Locker rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Hallways

Will my child need to follow an Acceptable Use Policy?

Yes.  The HCPS Policy for Acceptable Use of Internet and Computer Resources should be followed at all times, including when using a personal electronic device.

What is the expectation for communicating with my student during school hours?

In order to respect your child’s academic focus during the school day, call the school office (828)891-6566 to communicate with your child.

Will my child be expected to have an Acceptable Use Policy signed to access HCPS Web 2.0 Approved sites while using their devices?

Yes. Every school year these signed forms should be turned into their RT (homeroom) teacher.

The HCPS Web 2.0 Approved Site Form:  English Version/ Spanish Version

Will my child have access to an HCPS-Provided Google Apps for Education Account?

Yes.  All students are provided an account for educational purposes. If you do NOT want your child to have access to Google Apps, click for information on how to opt out.

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