Whose Responsibility Is It?

1.  Who pays for the technology brought to school?

These devices will be purchased by and remain the property of the family.

2.  Who is responsible for any repairs or updating to personal computing devices?

Students and/or their families are responsible for their personal computing devices at all times.

Rugby Middle School does not have the technology support staff to repair or update personal computing devices.

3.  Who is responsible for damage, loss, or theft of devices your child brings to school?

Families must stress the responsibilities their children have when bringing their own computing devices to school.  Any devices students bring to school are their sole responsibility.

Rugby Middle School highly recommends that families discuss their own expectations for their child’s use of their personal device at school. 

Physical possession of your child’s device by another student is highly discouraged. 

Sharing academic information from the device is acceptable but physically sharing the handling of the device is highly discouraged. 

Rugby Middle School takes no responsibility to search for lost or stolen devices nor is there any assumption of financial responsibility by Rugby Middle School for damaged, lost or stolen personal computing devices.

4.  Will the family need to have Internet access at home?

No. It would be helpful, however, to have some form of Internet access (wired or wireless) in order for a child to make full use of school resources such as Gaggle from home, as well the multitude of resources available on the World Wide Web. But, it is not required in order for a child to use a personal computing device at school.  

5.  Does Rugby Middle School suggest any other considerations?

It may be wise to acquire theft or hazard insurance.

If purchasing a new computing device for a child to use at school, we recommend purchasing the extended warranty.

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