BYOD Hardware & Software Considerations

What types of computing devices may my child bring to school?

Students may use devices that fall into the following categories: (1) laptops, (2) chromebooks, (3) tablets, and (4) e-Readers. In some instances, teachers may allow cell phones/smartphones to be used.

How can my child’s computing device connect to the Internet?

Henderson County Public Schools provides a secure wireless guest network which students may connect to after accepting the “Secure Internet Portal Acceptable Use Policy.”

Additionally, students may use the Internet connection from an outside provider. In this case, the family will be responsible for any expense incurred using this type of Internet connection.  Students are discouraged from using other network connections other than the secure HCPS guest network.

Are there suggested accessories?

Providing a padded bag or protective sleeve is suggested. This will provide more protection for the day to day use of these computing devices.

Having your own headphones is suggested for sanitary reasons.  They must be used according to school policy.

Will there be “charging stations” so my child’s electronic device can be recharged? 

“Charging stations” will not be provided. It is the student’s responsibility to bring a fully charged device to school.

Are there any specifications for the type of laptop, netbook, or tablet my child may bring to school?

Buying a computer is a personal choice. Ultimately, each person will need to choose the device that works best for his/her child. Generally speaking, as long as the device is able to connect to the wireless network and access the World Wide Web, this should suffice.

Can my child use an iPad or Android tablet?

Any type of tablet, netbook or laptop can be used. Whichever you choose, the device must be able to connect wirelessly to the Henderson County Public Schools wireless network.

What software will be needed on my child’s computer? 

No software needs to be purchased. Google Apps accounts are provided by Henderson County Public School for all our students.  If you do NOT want your child to have access to Google Apps, click for information on how to opt out of this HCPS-provided free service.



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