BYOD Information

Rugby Middle participates in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model of technology integration into the classroom.  We have collected resources on this page to assist you and your family in making decisions about participating in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a child’s education differ if the family does not have an Internet-connected device to bring to school?

Many lessons are collaborative allowing students to work together, sharing information accessed through personal devices. When the work is individual, students may use computers and other devices located in classrooms and/or in the Media Center. No child’s learning experience or academic performance will be affected because he or she does not have an Internet-connected device to bring to school. Rugby Middle is committed to reducing technology inequity so every child can learn equally.

Will students be able to print documents from their personal computing devices?

Students will not be able to access printers at Rugby Middle School from their personal computing devices. We will provide alternatives as follows: (1) printing capabilities from school computers, and/or (2) electronic delivery of files using an HCPS Google Account.

Where will my child’s work be stored?

Students will be encouraged to store their work within Google Drive.  In so doing, the student will have access to their work wherever they have Internet access.

What are the EXPECTATIONS associated with BYOD at Rugby?

Click for a detailed list of expectations.

What are the RESPONSIBILITIES associated with BYOD at Rugby?

Click for information on responsibilities.

What should we consider with regard to HARDWARE & SOFTWARE for BYOD at Rugby?

View the list of Hardware and Software Considerations.

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