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Let us know if you have a retailer you would like for us to stock.

  • Purchase these prepaid cards and use for your holiday shopping for groceries, supplies, gas and/or give as gifts.
  • Glenn Marlow earns a % of each card amount.  This can add up to significantly support our school – without you or your child selling a thing!
Interested in more???
  • With just your email, sign up at Shop With Scrips to place orders online.
  • Reference Marlow Code: F3E2EF9126846
  • You can choose electronic payment by draft from your checking account (Prestopay), reload eligible cards and other convenient options through this site.
  • Orders can also be placed by completing the order form and submit along with payment.
  •  Scrips Card Order Form

Checks for Scrip Card Orders (not inventory) should be made to Marlow PTO.

Please see the link below for the list of all of the businesses who participate in this program, the denomination amounts of the prepaid cards they offer, and the percentage returned to Marlow.

Participating Merchants

Family User Guide to Shopping with Scrip

Scrip Order Form

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