Meet the farm’s three donkeys on a field trip!

Three donkeys eating grass.

Field Trip Updates:

We would like to announce some updates to field trips at the Johnson Farm. You and your entire grade level are now invited to come to the farm for all-day field trips. These day trips will allow the children to enjoy a four activity rotation schedule which includes hands-on learning at the Interpretive Center, our barn loft museum (2nd grade and below), our one-room schoolhouse (3rd grade and above), tours of the farm house, hands-on activities and tours with the Heritage Weavers, and wagon rides with animal meet-and-greet time.  Field trips at the farm are designed to entertain and teach children about farm life. All students will benefit from history, craft, art, and nature education.

Our standards of learning are being updated. Check back soon for more information.

If you wish to create your own activity or other plan, such as for a holiday or other special event, we will be glad to assist in that as well. Our goal is to provide your group with an experience that will be educational yet relaxed. The farm belongs to you and we hope to be a part of the ongoing goal to ‘nurture the potential of all children’.

The Heritage Weavers

Heritage Weavers & Fiber Artists welcome students from the Henderson County School system as part of the rotations during regular field trips.  The weavers look forward to sharing their knowledge of the heritage fiber crafts.  Field trip programs are based on a grade appropriate fiber arts story book from HWFA’s library.  Activities for the field trips are chosen from the story book with demonstrations and hands on activities such as weaving, dyeing and spinning, many times using fiber from the farms sheep. 

Johnson Farm Scholarship

One important community contribution, dedicated to the future of education and agriculture, is the Johnson Farm Scholarship. Begun in 2008, this scholarship is awarded to a high school senior with college aspirations of education, agriculture or natural resources/environmental studies. It is in memory of Vernon and Leander Johnson, the generous men who gave their farm to the schools and who took a lifelong interest in young people and their education.

As always, please feel free to email us or call us at (828) 891-6585.