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Every year we grow and we’re glad that you are here to grow with us.
Our list of events just keeps getting longer with more diversity and excitement.
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20th Annual Farm Festival
(You may have to turn up your speaker volume to hear this video in full)

20th Annual Johnson Farm Festival

Christmas Video

Christmas at the Farm

Lego Blast

LEGO BLAST at Historic Johnson Farm

The 2009 Storytelling Festival

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for our Annual Storytelling Festival here’s an opportunity to catch up! This year we had the honor of hosting five great Storytellers:

* Michael ‘Badhair’ Williams
* Karen-Eve Bayne
* Virginia Newsome
* Ronnie Pepper
* Virginia ‘Blackfeather’ Thompson

Find a comfortable rocking chair close to the fireplace, turn up the volume and enjoy these fine tales.

Michael ‘Badhair’ Williams

Johnson Farm Storytelling Festival – Virginia Blackfeather Thompson

Karen-Eve Bayne, Part I

Karen-Eve Bayne Part II

Ronnie Pepper, Storyteller

Virginia Newsome, Part I

Virginia Newsome, Part II