SMARTBoard How-To

Visit the links below for to learn more about using your SMARTBoard! Also visit the SMART site and use the Needs Assessment to find out which resources will be most helpful for you! With various versions of SMART Notebook in our schools, make sure you are using the training guides associated with your current version of the software.

SMART Notebook Part 1: Software Basics

SMART Notebook Part 2: Enhanced Skills

Toolbars and Tabs in SMART Notebook

Basic Hardware Functionality

SMART Board Basic Functionality

Guide to use the Notebook Gallery

SMART Notebook 10.8 Resources

Touch, Write and Save using SMART Ink (flash)

Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit (flash)

Using MS Office with SMART Tools

Floating Tools

Orienting the SMART Tools

 Training Tutorial: Using PowerPoint

 How to Setup a Traveling SmartBoard

SMARTInk Troubleshooting