iPad Training Guides & Curriculum Resources

Leaving Your Position?

If you have been using a district-owned iPad in your current position and are changing jobs or leaving your job, there are important steps you must follow before leaving your job.

Complete Guide

Comprehensive HCPS and iPads Guide

iPad Setup

Basic Setup Guide for Individual Users

iPad Syncing Information

iPad Basic Use

Backing up Pictures and Videos from an iPad to a PC

Sharing Files via iTunes

iPad Student Cart Management

Managing Your iPad Cart

Using Reflector

Reflector Setup and General Use

App Info

Installing Apps From Your Program Facilitator

iWork (Pages, Numbers & Keynote)

iWork Guide: Using the Pages, Numbers & Keynote Apps

Program Facilitator Resources

Program Facilitator Directions

Volume Voucher Store

iPads in Education

iTunes U Info

Procedure for Requesting Apps for iPads and iPods for Carts/Trays

Contact your school’s Program Facilitator to assist you in purchasing your apps. If applications are free, contact your school’s Cart Facilitator to assist you in downloading the applications to the devices. Failure to consult the school Program Facilitator or Cart Facilitator may result in loss of applications. It is PROHIBITED to enter a personal Apple ID or any other Apple ID than the one that manages the cart into iTunes on the computer managing the carts/trays.

Getting a New Computer?

If your computer is being switched out to a new one or if it has been reimaged, it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow correct procedures for your iPad to avoid losing your applications and files.  Read our Step-by-Step Guide.