MTSS/7 Habits

We are  a 2012-2015 PBIS Exemplar School

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a  nationally used program that allows us to focus on expectations we know will make Cubcats shine. The PBIS focus at HES will be “respect” and “responsibility”. Our goal is to support students in learning how to be respectful to and responsible for themselves, their school and others.

Why did we feel that this was a good choice for HES?

  • It allows all adults in the building to have a common language about expectations for behavior that all students are familiar with and understand.
  • We know that being responsible and respectful are traits that are encouraged at home and that will carry children far in life.
  • We want everyone in the HES family to consider themselves, the school, and everyone when making choices.

Program Implementation

To implement this  program, we do the following with your children:

  • Introduce them to our school motto… “Cubcats stay on track with respect and responsibility.”
    Participate in classroom lessons in which students talk about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors around the school. To start these discussions, teachers use dvds starring some of our own Cubcats.
  • Share with them specific expectations for being respectful and responsible for self, school, and others in and around HES. (see the HES PBIS matrix)
  • Have posters up around the school as reminders to students of expected behaviors.
  • Participate in a positive incentive plan to celebrate students’ efforts when they make great choices.

How can you help?

  • Ask your child if they can finish “Cubcats stay on track with…”
  • Ask them each day for an example of how they were respectful or responsible, or if they saw someone be respectful or responsible.


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