Parent Handbook and Policies

Program Goals and Philosophy:  Our goals are to provide academic and enrichment classes for off-time students, to reinforce basic skills, promote a good attitude toward school, and to provide a fun, safe and caring environment. We believe that education is a year-round process and that additional time on learning helps all students. We strive to offer a variety of subjects and classes whenever possible in order to expand our students’ knowledge and understanding.

Our Mission: To inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care.

Ages Accepted:  The program is open to all students who are enrolled in Hendersonville Elementary School, Kindergarten through Fifth grade.

Program Hours & Schedule:  Refer to BLT flyer for hours and schedule.

Admission Policy:  Only registered students may attend. Please refer to the registration materials for deadlines.

Registration:    Please return BLT registration forms to your child’s teacher. Mark envelope “BLT”. Registration forms WILL NOT be accepted in the office. Clearly printed registration forms with complete and accurate information are appreciated. Only registered students may attend. Students are accepted on a space available basis, and every effort will be made to accommodate #1 choice before assigning #2’s using a lottery system. Registration for PS-Plus may be done through the PSPM program, and must be done in advance according to PSPM guidelines. Check with the PSPM director for specific details associated with PS-Plus during intersession. The PSPM number is 698-4452.

Payments:  All payments must be received with registration forms in order to process registration. A returned check will forfeit your child’s space in the program.

Cancellation Policy:   Closure of the district schools due to weather conditions will automatically cancel all BLT classes. In the case of a two-hour delay, the morning BLT class will be cancelled and the afternoon class will begin at 11:15 AM. Doors will open at 11:00 AM.

Refund Policy:   To ensure quality BLT classes and program facilitation, it is important that plans be made well in advance. This includes hiring quality class instructors, who must plan and purchase for students before children arrive. Payment for BLT ensures your child a spot in the program. For that reason, we are unable to provide refunds for any reason once classes have begun. Refund requests prior to classes must be made at least one week before the start of the class. A $5.00 processing fee will be assessed on all refund requests. If we cancel your child’s class due to insufficient enrollment, full refund will be made within three weeks.

Late Pick-up Policy:     We strongly recommend alternative plans for picking up your child from BLT. We cannot provide supervision for students after classes. If your child is to be picked up, please do so promptly. If your authorized alternate does not arrive to retrieve your child within 10 minutes after any class, you will be assessed $.50 per minute until you arrive. Late fees are due when your child is picked up.

Location of classes:   BLT classes are held in various classrooms around the school.

Discipline Policy:    BLT classes are designed to be challenging, fun, and unique. In order for all students to enjoy their classes, appropriate behavior is expected. If a student prevents him/her self or others from benefiting from the experience, he/she will be removed from the class. This will be done only as a last resort, and parents will be notified to immediately pick up their child. No refunds will be issued in this case.

Attendance and Absenteeism:     If you know your child will not attend a class, please call the school office. Please note there are no refunds for absences. In the event of illness which prevents any class attendance, a 50% refund may be made when the request is made in writing.

Emergency Procedures:    If your child becomes ill during class, you or an authorized alternate will be contacted immediately.

Clothing and Personal Possessions:    If you know your child will be using paint during BLT, please have him/her dress in old clothes. Children must wear closed shoes to outdoor classes and wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Please make sure all items are labeled with the child’s name. Students are responsible for personal belongings brought from home. Students should not bring toys or games unless requested.

Snacks and Meals:     Please make sure your child has eaten a good breakfast or lunch before attending BLT classes. Nutritional snacks may be sent with your child if needed. No gum is allowed. Students must bring a lunch with them every day if they are staying the whole day. The program will not be able to provide lunches for students.

Medication:    We discourage sending medication with children, but when necessary, a written permission slip signed by your doctor is required. Medication must be in original containers with label stating the child’s name and dosage. Such medication will be locked and refrigerated if needed. Children are not allowed to carry medication with them while attending the program. Please note it is your responsibility to keep emergency records updated in our school’s office. Please have your child wear sunscreen when you know he/she will be outdoors during all or part of a BLT class.

Location of Children:    Rolls are kept by the staff indicating the location of classes throughout the school building and who is attending. Parents needing to pick up a child during BLT must always contact the office first and sign the child out.

Transportation of Children/Field Trips:    Transportation of children will occur only during field trips. Adequate notice will be provided to parents indicating details of the intended trip. Specific permission for each event is required. Permission signatures for one trip does not qualify a child to participate on another excursion, even if a payment has been made. Permission by phone is not valid. Nominal fees may be assessed to help with transportation costs.

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