Supply Lists

Supply list items to start out the year:

Ms. L. Beddingfield: tissues, hand sanitizer, headphones

Ms. M. van der Sluijs: a composition notebook, a folder, scissors, a set of Expo markers, an eraser or clean sock or washcloth, a glue stick, tissues, hand sanitizer

Ms. P. Martinez Biology: a 2″ 3-ring binder, a package of 12 colored pencils, notebook/notebook paper, scissors, folder, pens and pencils, paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer

Ms. P. Martinez Math : a 2″ 3-ring binder, a package of 12 colored pencils, notebook/notebook paper, scissors, folder, pens and pencils, paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizer, 4-pack AAA alkaline batteries

Mr. R Martinez: 4-pack AAA alkaline batteries, tissues, pencils, graph paper, spiral notebook, hand sanitizer

Ms. Pierce: tissues, hand sanitizer

Ms. Prince: tissues, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer

Mr. Savage: tissues, hand sanitizer

Ms. Willingham: tissues, hand sanitizer

Mr. Witt: tissues, hand sanitizer

Laptops and personal electronic devices are used in many of our classes.  If you are unable to purchase one, HCEC has some that may be checked out for the semester.

Additional supplies may be needed


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