2019 – 2020 School Supply Lists

If you are interested in donating supplies for students who need them, the following items are always helpful throughout the year and are for any student in need in each classroom:

  • No. 2 wooden pencils
  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • Red, blue, black pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Feminine products
  • Facial tissue
  • Paper towels
  • Band-aids

All 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades Will Need:

  • No. 2 wooden pencils or mechanical pencils
  • Loose leaf notebook paper (not 7th grade)
  • Earbuds with a case or headphones
  • Glue Sticks (3-pk)
  • Highlighters
  • Facial Tissue – 2 boxes
  • Paper towels – 1 roll

All students – Nice to have but not required:

  • Colored pencils
  • Magic markers, washable
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Student scissors
  • Ruler (not 7th grade)
  • Red, blue, black ink pens
  • Index Cards (not 7th grade)
  • Colored sticky notes (8th grade only)
  • Permanent markers (8th grade only)
  • Dry erase markers (8th grade only)
  • Pencil Pouch

6th Grade Specific

Math:  4 composition notebooks , 1 red folder, highlighters, 4 pack glue sticks that are left in class, 1  box of pencils that are left in class, loose leaf notebook paper to be left in class

Language Arts: 1 inch binder, 1 composition notebook, 5 notebook dividers (with or without pockets), yellow folder

Social Studies: One 1-inch binder, 1 orange pocket folder

Science: 1 green pocket folder, 1 composition notebook

**Please see end of list for 6th Grade Honors ELA supplies for Mr. Buzzell’s class

Note–7th and 8th Grade lists may be specific according to teachers for indicated subjects

7th Grade Specific

Math: One 5-subject spiral notebook with pockets (notebooks w/vinyl covers sturdy enough to last all year)

Language Arts:

Guzzardo/Stepp – One Composition Book

Carter – 2 Composition Books

Social Studies: One Composition Book


Tobias/Ford – One 3-subject spiral notebook w/pockets, colored pencils, glue stick

Babcock – 2 Composition Books, colored pencils

8th Grade Specific (Each teacher will have class-specific lists on the first day of school)

  • Two, 3-ring binders
  • Subject dividers
  • Two bound composition books

6th – 7th – 8th Grade Student Fees Are Collected during Homeroom and PE the 1st Week of School

Fees Collected during Homeroom

Hall Locker Rental and Usage Fee $4.00

Agenda Book $6.00

Total Homeroom Fees $10.00

PE Fees collected during PE Only

(Please write a separate check for PE fees.)

PE Locker & Usage Fee $4.00

PE Uniform (Optional Purchase) $16.00
*Tee/Shorts can be bought separately $8.00 each

Mr. Buzzell’s Supply List:

  • 1 Three subject notebook
  • Index cards
  • 1 Yellow pocket folder