World Book Online

This resource is available for all students and staff of HCPS thanks to the Technology Department!

WORLD BOOK ONLINE is available to you and your students from home and at school!

World Book Online Reference Center is the premier online reference source-containing every article from the 22-volume print set plus thousands more. With state-of-the-art multimedia, maps, editor- reviewed Web sites, and more!

We are convinced that you will find the World Book Online Reference Center to be a valuable resource!

El World Book Web son unas herramientas para investigaciones en el Internet que da la información sus estudiantes necesitan, incluyendo una enciclopedia, artículos, colección principales de Fuentes, herramientas para educadores, actividades estudiantiles, fotos, audio, y video, acompañado por periódicos actuales y sitios de Internet relacionados y todas las bases de datos son revisados por el editor para autenticidad y contenido apropiado para edades.

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Highlights of World Book Online include:

– Accurate, authoritative, easy to read articles from The World Book Encyclopedia.

– Related articles from major newspapers and magazines.

– Extensive graphic and multimedia enhancements, including photographs, maps, illustrations, tables, animations, and audio/video clips.

– Special Reports that broaden and deepen coverage for selected topics.

– Back in Time, a captivating, you-are-there chronicle of events from the World Book Year Book that begins in 1922 and unfolds in the distinctive voice and perspective of each successive year.

– Links to external Web sites specially selected by World Book editors.

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