Media Center FAQs

Where is the Fletcher Elementary media center located in the school?

We are located on the lower level of the school where the first, second, and third grade halls all come together.

Who are the media center personnel?

Fletcher Elementary media center is run by a full-time media coordinator, Mrs. Nadine Head. We also have a Media Squad, composed of fifth graders, who assist with various duties in the mornings.

When can students check out materials in the media center?

We are open for business at 8am and stay open until after school is out for anyone to return or check out new materials. Students in grades K-5 come on a set schedule with their classes once a week which includes book check-out time. Open checkout is available throughout the day when teachers can send students to exchange their books. We welcome all students anytime during the day to use our media center resources.

How many books can a student check out at one time?

Kindergarten students may check out one book at a time. First, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade students may have two books checked out at a time, unless they need more materials due to special projects and activities.

Can a student renew a book?

Sometimes a student needs more than one week to finish reading a book or to complete a project, so we do allow renewal of materials provided there is no one waiting for the book (in other words, the book is not on reserve for someone else). In order for us to have an accurate record, students need to bring books to the media center in order to renew them.

What about overdue fines?

We do not charge overdue fines to students, and students are expected to return books in one week. If they go beyond two weeks overdue, we notify the teacher and will send a notice home with the student which shows the name of the book, its price, and when it was due to be returned. Students cannot check out additional materials until their overdue books are returned.

What about lost or damaged books?

If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the student is required to pay for the book in order to clear the book from his or her name. If a book is found within the same school year it was lost, a refund will be made to the student.

What do students learn during their media classes?

Media center classes incorporate the North Carolina Essential Standards for Information and Technology. The media center works in partnership with the classroom teachers, providing supplemental materials for their curriculum and serving as an extension of class instruction.

Can students find Accelerated Reader books in the media center?

Yes. These books are marked and can be found in the fiction, nonfiction, and AR sections. You can access the AR Bookbinder online.

Do you ever need volunteers?

Yes! Yes! And double yes! We can always use volunteers to help reshelve materials, process new materials, and work on any other special projects. If you are interested, please contact the media center through the school phone number (684-0580). We would love to set up a schedule that would work well for you.

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