Fletcher Dress Code

dress codeFor all students—School dress should be appropriate and proper so as not to cause disruption in the learning process. Clothing which advertises drugs, alcohol, tobacco or violence or has an inappropriate phrase or logo is prohibited.  On days your child has PE, please wear appropriate shoes for physical activity.

  1. Hats and sunglasses must be put away while in the building.
  2. Pants should be worn properly around the waist.
  3. Flips flops are not allowed on PE days and shoes with cleats or wheels are not allowed at any time.
  4. Grades 3 – 5 Boys: shirts with sleeves; Girls: shoulder straps must be at least 2 inches or more and the length of shorts, skirts or dresses must not be shorter than fingertips when standing with arms at sides. Boys and girls: underwear must not be visible.

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