Bus Rider Information

school busSafety is our top priority.  Everyone’s safety requires cooperation from students, parents, and staff.  Riding a school bus is a privilege-not a right.  All buses are under the authority of the bus driver.  Students must obey the driver and the bus rules.  School bus misbehavior will be reported to the assistant principal or principal who will take appropriate action to correct the problem.  Students must be at designated bus stop 5-10 minutes before schedule because times may vary.

For bus safety procedures, please use this link: School Bus Safety Flyer

Rules for Bus Conduct

SAFETY is the utmost concern on our buses.  The bus driver may assign seats if necessary.  Cameras may be used on the bus for periodic monitoring of bus activity.  Students should only ride the bus they are assigned to ride based on their home address.  If there are extenuating circumstances, please call the school.

Respect Ourselves:

All of me is in my personal space.

Respect Others:

Sit quietly in your seat.

Respect Property:

Walk at all times.
Leave your bus area clean.

Respect Learning:

Follow all bus procedures.
Be prepared to get on and off the bus.

Changes to the Schedule

If school is operating on a  two hour delay, buses will run 2 hours later than normal time. For example, if the bus normally comes at 7:00 am then the bus will be there at 9:00 am.  On the  four (4) early release days, school will dismiss at 12:00 pm.   Buses will run regular routes but will run 3 hours earlier than normal. For example, if the bus normally comes at 3:30 pm then the bus will be there at 12:30 pm.

Learn more about safety from the HCPS School Bus Transportation site.

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